Thursday, July 28, 2011


Okay, I admit it... I was not a Cricut fan.  I have a Silhouette and I LOVE it!  But, Close to My Heart came out with a Cricut cartridge that will be available August 1st to everyone - so, I HAD to get one.  I still LOVE my Silhouette!! You can cut any font!! - you cannot do that with the Cricut AND I have 11,000+ or - a few different patterns for my Silhouette... so, it will take A LOT for this new machine to take that away.... but, this is fun and SOOOOO easy.  I just got my new Expression machine (off E-bay - where I did not pay full retail price!  Yeah!) and I have the new Art Philosophy Cartridge from CTMH so I am playing today... so far I have figured out how to cut out a card... it is on the pic with the cartridge box and the new machine. I do like the ability to cut 12" X 24"  that is nice, but not sure I will use it all that often - can see a few times - like for neat borders and edges, but...
 So, today I spend time playing.... and for you all here is a preview link to the new cartridge.... it is a U-Tube Video..... be jealous, it is REALLY fun!