Thursday, July 28, 2011


Okay, I admit it... I was not a Cricut fan.  I have a Silhouette and I LOVE it!  But, Close to My Heart came out with a Cricut cartridge that will be available August 1st to everyone - so, I HAD to get one.  I still LOVE my Silhouette!! You can cut any font!! - you cannot do that with the Cricut AND I have 11,000+ or - a few different patterns for my Silhouette... so, it will take A LOT for this new machine to take that away.... but, this is fun and SOOOOO easy.  I just got my new Expression machine (off E-bay - where I did not pay full retail price!  Yeah!) and I have the new Art Philosophy Cartridge from CTMH so I am playing today... so far I have figured out how to cut out a card... it is on the pic with the cartridge box and the new machine. I do like the ability to cut 12" X 24"  that is nice, but not sure I will use it all that often - can see a few times - like for neat borders and edges, but...
 So, today I spend time playing.... and for you all here is a preview link to the new cartridge.... it is a U-Tube Video..... be jealous, it is REALLY fun!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

CTMH Color Dare

I took the dare!  This week while looking through the posts about the CTMH Convention I found a new page that is dedicated to a CTMH color dare!   I thought, 'what a great way to use up some of my stash!!' So, this week I took the challenge! 
The colors this week are:
What fun!!  And while I did this one I used the same basic base as below and actually took pics of my button carnation construction!!!!  So, now you will know how to create the button carnation.... love this one!
For this card I used: Goldrush, Chocolate, Pear and Twilght card stock; Silhouette 3-d 6 Petal Flower and Leaf Pop-Up; Twilght Gross Grain Ribbon (discountinued), Chocolate Brown Slide (this is on clearance now it is discontinued), Goldrush, Chocolate, Pear and Twilight Exclusive Ink Pads, round sponge (do not foget to cut it up and use paper clips to hold it - so, you do not color your fingers), Card Chatter - Birthday My Acrylix Stamp Set, for adhesives I used a glue pen, TomBow and Liquid Glass and a Colonial White Card Base
To put this one together I cut everything out and inked the edges of it all.  The basically it was just attaching it all together.  To make that center Carnation flower... I will post those directions (with pics - if you do not need the pics see the last posting) later tonight or tomorrow!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Today I made a few cards I thought I would share with you....
All of them are on a 4.25 X 5.5" base card... from Close to My Heart (50 cards and envelopes) in white or colonial white.

Directions for each one follows....
For this one I used the white base card. White card stock, Ponderosa Pine card stock, Smokey Plum card stock, Smokey Plum Ink, the stamps Card Chatter: Sympathy and a retired one for birthdays, Liquid Glass for an adhesive, Tombow adhesive, Bonding Memories Glue Pen, 1 1/4" Circle Punch and my Sizzix Texture Boutique  with a flourish background for texture on the white card stock paper.  To make this I cut a large and two small 6-leafed flowers with my Silhouette - you could hand cut these - then I inked around the outside with the Smokey Plum ink.  To make the centers I cut a 1" X 10" strip and 2 - 3/4" by 9" strips.  I ran a small line of the Towbow adhesive down the inside of one of the 10" or 9" sides and then looped the other side over to adhere it - note I did not bone fold it, but just attached them together which made it a small loop.  The holding the glued side I cut 1/8" strips in it being careful not to cut it through.  Beginning at one end I rolled it together (like quilling) using the Bonding Memories Glue Pen to adhere it... leaving the loopy, cut end at the top... glue at the bottom.  After I had rolled each of these I used Liquid Glass to adhere it to the 6-leafed flower.  When this dried I spread the looped ends out.  I then cut the leaves with the 1 1/4" Circle Punch out of the Ponderosa Pine Card Stock... to do this I punched the circle first then reinserted 1/2 of the circle into the punch 2 times which leaves an hourglass looking piece left over.... and 2 leaves from each 1/2 of the original circle.  I cut out a piece of the Smokey Plum Card Stock 1/4 inch smaller than the base card (4 X 5 1/4) and adhered it to the basecard for the Birthday card and cut out a 4 X 4 piece for the Sympathy card.  I then ran a piece of white card stock through the texturizer and cut it out 3 3/4" X 5 for the Birthday card and 3 3/4" X 3 3/4" for the Sympathy Card and attached them to the Smokey Plum.  I stamped the images on the bottom of the cards using the Smokey Plum Ink and stamped a sentiment in the inside of each.  Using the Liquid Glass I attached the flowers and the leaves.  I am sure these directions are as clear as mud... if you have questions e-mail me.
To make the blue card... much easier.  I used.... the Colonial White card base,  Magnifique Level 2 paper packet (hurry this is NOT in the new cattie), Chocolate brown ink, Card Chatter: Birthday My Acrylix Stamp Set, Kraft Color Ready Borders , TomBow AdhesiveLiquid Glass Adhesive, and 2 large and 4 mini blue brads.  To make this card I cut out a 2" X 3 1/4" piece of the Magnifique striped paper and a 3 1/4" X 3 3/4"piece of the Pacificia Card Stock paper and attached it to the colonial white base so the card opens from the bottom.  I then attached the Kraft Color Ready Border as is - no new color added.  I cut out 1 large 2 1/2" 8-leafed flower, 3- 1 3/4"  medium 8-leafed flowers, 2 - 1" small 8 leafed flowers, 1- 3/4" 5 leafed flower and 2- 1/2" 5 -leafed flowers with my Silhouette from each of the Lagoon colored pattern paper and the brown colored pattern paper... you could cut these by hand.  I then cut 1/8" strips in all of the 8 leafed flowers petals.  I attached the flowers together alternating patterns ( 3 flowers per flower - 2 of the 8 leafed and 1 of the five leafed)  with the 5 leafed flower going beneath the brad on each flower.  I used the Lagoon card stock to make the leaves.  I attached the flowers using the Liquid Glass.  Once again this is as clear as mud... so, e-mail me for further instructions as you need them.

The good news is this is made exactly the same as the blue ones except I used different colors... and used the Card Chatters Sympathy stamp set.  The paper I used was just left overs... the trim border is the Kraft Color Ready Border colored with black ink on the bottom card and Holiday Red Ink on the top.  For this card I embossed the sentiment using black embossing power, Versa Mark Ink and the Craft Heater.  E-mail for further instructions as needed...

Next time, I will try and remember to take pics during construction so you can see the process....