Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blog Hop Ocotber SOTM

Get something wonderful this month!!  A jUmP sTaRt on your Christmas Cards and tags!  If you have gotten here from Nicole's Blog   then you are on the right track!  This months stamp set, "Share the Magic", is a great place to start working on your upcoming holiday needs!  When you are done here hop on over to Doreen's Blog and see what she has in store for us this month!!!

Using the new 12 stamp collection you can easily creat a multitude of designs to help with your Christmas Holiday needs...
I have worked on cards, but with this set you could make tags for gifts and even homemade gift wrapping paper!  There are even To and From stamps on the sheet!!!  I am thinking my next creation for this will be gift card tags to give to my neices and nephews!!  I will post those when they are finished!

If you do not want to see my directions you can hop on over to Doreen's Blog now and continue on....
Materials Used:
Jingle Level 2 Paper Packet (X7115B)
White Card Stock (1385)
Euro Personal Paper Trimmer (Z338)
TomBow Mono Adhesive (1514)
Micro Tip Scissors (Z534)
StazOn Ink: Black (Z888)
Exclusive Inks Markers: Tulip (Z2366), Juniper (Z2365), Olive (Z23237), Creme Brulee (Z2367), Chocolate (Z2311), Brown Bag (Z2308)
Exclusive Color Ink Pad: Daisy White (Z2163), Tulip (Z2166)
Watercolor Pencils (3505)
Acrylix Bocks: 1 X 1 1/2" (Y1001), 2" X 2" (Y1003), 3" X 3" (Y1006)
Blending Pen (3174)
3-D Foam Tape (Z1151)

For all of the cards I used a 4.25 X 6.25" Daisy White cardstock base card. (When I cut these out, I cut out many, so I have them available to make a quick card any time.) I cut 1" off of one of the 4.25 sides using my Euro Personal Paper Trimmer to make it 3.25".  I stamped the images on left over Daisy White Card Stock using StazOn Ink and colored them with the Exclusive Ink Markers using the Blending Pen to blend.  (For the black I used the Watercolor Pencils so my black would be a bit softer.)  For the Santa and the Tree I used my Micro-Tip Scissors to trim around the edges of the stamped image.

Card 1 - Snowman - (This is my personal favorite!)

To make this I cut the wave lined paper 3" X 5.78" and attached it to the short part of the front with my TomBow Adhesive.  I then cut the red dotted piece 2" X 5.78" and attached it to the long part of the front. After coloring in the snowman image I cut the surrounding paper 2" X 2 1/2"and attached it to a piece of Juniper Cardstock which I had stamped randomly with the star/snowflake stamp using Daisy White Ink and a 1" X 1" Acrylix Bock.  I then attached it to the front of the card with the bottom 1/2" hanging below the top piece.

Card 2 - Santa
To make this I turned the base card paper vertically. I used the juniper cardstock, cut to 3" X 5.78",  and randomly stamped the star/snowflake image in Daisy White Ink.  I then attached it to the card using the TomBow Adhesive.  I cut a piece of the ornament paper 2.5" X 4.5" and trimmed the bottom of the ornaments out.  I attached this to a piece of  2.75" X 3.75" Tulip cardstock matching the top edges and allowing the bottoms of the ornaments to hang over the end of the Tulip paper.  I cut a piece of the stripe paper 1.6" X 7.5" and attached it to a piece of 2" X 7.5" Tulip cardstock. I cut this in two with one piece being 3.1" long and the other the remainer and trimmed both to match the two card fronts.  (I hope you are understanding this - if not e-mail me and I will try to explain it better :))  I attached the already prepared Santa to the front of the ornament piece and then attached this piece over the stripe paper and Juniper cardstock leaving 1/2" overhang.  This piece I distressed using Tulip ink - and now I think it almost looked better not distressed.... JMHO

Card 3 - Tree

For this card I used the base hoizontally.  The star/snowflake paper, cut to 3" X 5.78",  was attached to the top of the front and the reverse side, cute 2" X 5.78", was used for the bottom.  I cut out packages from the package paper making it approximately 4.5" X 4" and attaching it to the juniper star/snowfake paper front.  I then attached the already prepared tree using 3-D Foam-Tape. (Now I wish I would have popped the other stamped images out as well... next time...)

Now Hop on over to Doreen's Blog to see her great work!!!